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We are honored that you have shown interest in our wonderful school. We are proud to be Lomitas where we focus on building "A Community of Learners." We believe that as we support students with resiliency and growth mindset, they will have the soft skills necessary to be successful in life.

Successful schools focus on a core set of beliefs and actions so our Lomitas staff believes the following:

  • The best way to make a more just and caring world is to model these behaviors and support our students in becoming more just and caring people.
  • Our school is not limited to academics; we believe we must also encompass the moral and civic development of students.
  • We understand, prioritize, and have the leadership skills to nurture social and emotional learning in our school.
  • We promote healthy relationships among all school community members, help adults be role models for students, and let students and faculty be partners in the school.

Lomitas: A Community of Learners
12571 1st Avenue
Victorville, Ca 92395
Phone: 760-243-2012
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